woensdag 1 februari 2012

Pokémon meme

This meme is created by: otaku-attack.livejournal.com . The page of the meme doesn't work anymore but the creators livejournal does.

1. Who is you're favorite pokemon?
My favorite pokemon is mudkip, because on pokemon mystery dungeon: explores of time I was a mudkip. In the beginning you have to do a test to see whitch pokemon you are, at that time I didn't understand a lot of english so I just clicked some things and I ended up being a mudkip. In the game you are a pokemon and get to pick a partner which was for me a torchic. On my lower school pokemon was forbidden because children would get agressive of it so I never watched the show as a child, which doesn't give me a reason to like a pokemon from the show since I didn't watched it. But I also love jigglypuff, probably because of the way it attacks.

Why do you like you're absolute favorite?
Mudkip: because of pokemon mystery dungeon.
Torchic: also because of pokemon mystery dungeon,
Jigglypuff: it's addorable and I love the singing.

What is you're favorite type of pokemon? Why?
I think it's the normal type, because their very different looking (I judge pokemon's on their looks to).

If you would be a pokemon who would you be?
I think I would be mudkip or Jigglypuff.

What would be the first pokemon you catch on you're journey? (Name one for each region)
I don't really know were all the pokemon's life. But I would like to have a electric pokemon, since in pokemon ranger their always easy to have.

Name you're dream team (any region)
Mudkip, Jigglypuff, Torchic, Meganium, Phanpy, Plusle

How long have you been interested in Pokemon?
When I started to play pokemon mystery dungeon for ds in 2009, but only because I wasn't allowed to watch the tv show otherwise I think I would loved it earlier because I did wanted to see the show.

What do you value more, the games or the toys?
The games, because their so addictive to do. I don't own a pokemon toy I think, because I prefer to spend my money on games instead of toys. And again the cards where forbidden on my school.

What games do you own?
I own only 2 games, because I stopped buying nintendo ds games for a while since their so expensive. So I get them for birthday's and stuff. I am also saving money for the 3D nds so I prefer waiting for that, but I do want pokemon soulsilver since it also comes with a tamagothi like thing. And I need to learn beter for school, so I don't want to be distracted by a new pokemon game. Since You will get addicted so easy.

What is you're favorite game? plush? figure?
game: I am sorry but their all good, I can't decide.
plush: I want a jigglypuff or pickachu plush.
figure: I know somebody with a singing jigglypuff, it even sings the original song. So I really want that one.

Name you're top 5 least favorite pokemon
1 Garbodor
2 Grimer
3 Geodude
4 Golurk
5 Weezing

What is you're most favorite and least favorite area?
I don't know all area's so I can't say that.

Do you like anthropomorphic (human-like) Pokémon (Pokémorphs)?
It depense on it, some are good I think.

What Pokémorph species would you want to be?
A normal one, like Jigglypuff. Or Water like Mudkip

What is your favorite moment in the Pokémon anime?
I do have a favorite moment in the game, which I know isn't the question. But in Mystery Dungeon. The moment my pokemon isn't allowed to go back and you see tornchic all alone and sad left there and all of a sudden they get re-united that's for sure the best part from the game. It's very sweet. I never really get sad from a storyline in a game, that was the only time.

Which feature in any Pokémon game do you enjoy the most? (e.g. multiplayer battles, contests, day/night system, etc.)
The storyline

What is your favorite Pokémon song(s) (or song used in the Pokémon animé and movies)?
The intro of the first season, I didn't watch the season but It's still the thing that reminds me the most of it.

What is your favorite Pokémon movie?
I only saw one but I don't know the name, its when the go and join a contest and it has this palace in it.

Do you prefer Pokémon that are powerful or Pokémon that have a good design (in other words, good looks)?
The cute ones are my favorite for sure, but they need to have some strenght to.

Quick! What is your most random thought (that's clean) of a Pokémon doing something that humans do?

Please may I remind you I am not an expert in pokemon, so don't be offended if something you see doesn't looks good/wrong in you're eyes.

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