vrijdag 23 september 2011

~My goals for this schoolyear~

Ola, I am still not blogging very much since I don't really have a lot of inspiration. But today I am posting my goals for the schoolyear (which already started for a month), I hope you enjoy ♥.

- Become better at gyaru. I love a lot of galstyles but I like agejo and hime the most, I hope I can become better and better since I am only a starter at gyaru. Especially my make-up is bad. Maybe it would look better with circle lenses, I am only scared it would damage my eyes.
- Put efort in schoolwork. It's my last year in high-school and it would be nice not to stress at the end of the year about my results, plus I want to be done with high-school as soon as possible.
- Grow my hair longer. My hair is naturally curly which I don't like since it grows differently which makes it harder to grow on the length I want.


- Loose more weight.
- Be healtier. I can eat so much all day long, espacially unhealty things.
- Save money on stuff I don't need.
- Buy more magazines. I enjoy reading them so much and I get a lot of inspiration from them.


- More shopping ♥. I used to go every week to a city but now it's getting less.
- Spend more time with my friends.
- Learn better Japanese.
- Have a great year. Though this sounds more like a new year goal.


zaterdag 10 september 2011

Popteen's Gossip Girl inspired shoot

What do you think ^-^?

maandag 22 augustus 2011

Ethnic prints Happie Nuts and Popsister

I decided to remove my old posts and start again, I hope you like it more now. I really like ethnic prints and decided to make a collage with ethnic prints.

star I will try to make another post tomorrow star